Innovation Through Value-based Care

Proven Success

We measure our success by your client’s improved health, rather than the number of patients seen or services provided. With more than 50 years of proven experience, our physician leaders have built lasting relationships with clients and agents who believe in value-based care.

Quality Patient Outcomes Is Our Goal

  • Reduces unnecessary medical care costs and hospital admissions.
  • Improves overall quality and access to preventive care for chronic conditions.
  • Results in healthier long-term patient outcomes.
  • Shorter wait times and more time spent with patients.

Physician-led Approach

Our physicians are respected as established community physicians dedicated to helping each patient live their best life. Conviva has embraced a holistic approach to patient care with our Conviva Care Team model. This coordinated approach puts the patient and the PCP at the center, with the PCP coordinating all aspects of the Care Plan – physical, mental, and emotional.

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