More one-on-one time with your doctor

It’s about time your doctor made you feel reassured, not rushed. That’s why our senior primary care teams spend 50% more time with you at each visit.1 So you have the time it takes to get all the answers you need to feel confident in your healthcare.



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A true partner in senior primary care for more than 50 years

Who you select as your doctor is important to your health and wellbeing. Make sure your plan includes Conviva, so you can build a lasting partnership for your health.

Our care experts spend their time helping you make the most of yours



¹ Comparison based on a study by American Public Health Association published in January 2021 that the average primary care exam was 18 minutes.


² Contracted health plan members enrolled in our centers compared against contracted health plan members not enrolled in our centers.


³ Contracted health plans during 2021 who were paneled to our centers for the entire year of 2021, versus contracted health plan members during 2021 that were not paneled to our centers for the entire year of 2021, were not in an unattributed arrangement and were assigned to our center’s market. Based on claims paid through June 2022. UW Margin, ERVPT, & Acute APT also exclude Careplus & delegated. Avoidable hospitalizations also excludes ESRD, Hospice, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, California-HMO, Nevada-HMO, Careplus, COB, & C-SNP.


⁴ Varies by location.