Managing Your Medicare

Keeping up with Medicare details can feel overwhelming for seniors, families and caregivers. You’re not alone. Our Conviva Care Team can connect you with the right professionals to guide you through Medicare basics, benefits, coverage and costs.


A Simple Glance at Medicare Coverage

If you’re 65 or older, it’s time to think about enrolling in Medicare or talking to an agent about your Medicare options. As a start, think about Medicare insurance coverage in four ways or parts. This is key to understanding how Medicare works.


Part A – Coverage for inpatient hospital stays, hospice and skilled nursing.


Part B – Widely used, this coverage is voluntary but generally includes a monthly premium and annual deductible. This part is important because it covers your visits to a physician, lab tests, preventive care, outpatient care and durable medical supplies.


Part C – This part involves private insurance plans and Medicare Advantage plans designed to help cover the costs involved under Part A and B.


Part D – Coverage for prescription drugs for patients enrolled in Medicare.

Connecting Your Coverage with Our Care

New Patients

If you’re new to Conviva Care Center, learn more about our services, our innovative care, and accepted insurance plans.

Plan Details

If you’d like to learn more about accepted insurance plans, contact your local Conviva Care Center team for more information.