5 Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

The older we get, the more we find ourselves thinking about personal health and aging well. In reality, anyone of any age can learn more about living a balanced and healthy life.


But what exactly is healthy living? Healthy living encompasses our mind, body and spirit, and focuses on intentional acts that encourage feelings of well-being.


As the years progress, our ability to adapt and change becomes more important because our skills and abilities decline.


Let’s take a closer look at health tips for seniors.



1) Stay Engaged

Life is about connections and relationships. When younger, we rely on our work as a primary way to stay engaged in the world. When retired, seniors may face years without a familiar career or network.


Hobbies, activities, sports, travel, and family all offer ways to socialize and build relationships.


One study explored the relationship between volunteering and life span, revealing that people who engage in acts of kindness extend their life. Further study proved a real link between a giving spirit and the positive effects on the immune system.


Conviva Care Centers offer events and activities for seniors hoping to connect more with their larger community and make new friends.



2) Cultivate Healthy Food Habits

Nutrition becomes even more important with age. A healthy diet can help prevent further sickness, lessen chronic illness, and promote general feelings of wellness. Nutrition isn’t limited simply to food.


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Limit alcohol
  • Limit sugary foods
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Take vitamins, mineral supplements or probiotics



3) Avoid Smoking

According to the CDC, smokers die generally ten years earlier than necessary. Smoking is still the leading preventable cause of disease and death in the U.S. and contributes to a long list of health problems including cancer and heart disease. Smoking is also an expensive, addictive habit.


If you’re a smoker interested in quitting, talk to your primary care doctor about cessation options and programs.



4) Search for Meaning

Depression and cognitive decline are inevitable with age. To combat mental stress, depression and loneliness, continue to search for value and meaning.


This could be as simple as taking a long daily walk with a friend or embarking on a lifelong dream of writing your family history. Creative arts and music also lend rich experiences, either in-person or as a solitary pursuit, while building important social connections.



5) Practice Wellness

Everyone feels better when they have a trusted physician to turn to when health issues arise. You can foster a lifestyle of wellness through regular preventive visits and scheduled screenings while setting your own health goals.


Explore a Conviva Care Center near you and get to know your local Conviva Care Team.



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