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LGBTQ Patients Need a Safe Space for Medical Care

Source: OutSFL

July 7,  2023


Dr. Raul Martinez gets it. Seeking medical care as a member of the LGBTQ community is hard.

6 Tips for Seniors to Beat the Texas Summer Heat

Source: The San Antonio Observer

July 5,  2023


Conviva Care Centers in San Antonio is helping seniors stay cool this summer with its Beat the Heat program.

Broward Health Center Offers Medical Care in Portuguese for Seniors

Source: Achei USA

May 12,  2023


Language can often be a barrier for people seeking medical attention and finding a healthcare professional who speaks your language is a relief. At Conviva Care Center in Coconut Creek, Florida, patients 65 and older and holders of Medicare government health insurance have care in Portuguese.

Port Orange development attracting more businesses

Source: Hometown News Volusia

May 12,  2023


New Conviva Care Center coming to Port Orange, Flordia, this summer.

Bay area 106-year-old veteran credits close bonds, healthy diet and sense of humor to long life

Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

March 21,  2023


World War II veteran and Conviva patient, Bill Monfort, credits his longevity to close bonds with family and friends, a healthy diet, and a sense of humor.

Conviva Opens Its Seventh Center in Corpus Christi

Source: Humana News

February 23, 2023


Conviva, a physician-led network dedicated to providing primary care to seniors, celebrated the grand opening of its latest care center in Texas – on Corpus Christi’s south side – on Feb. 22. 

Conviva inaugura nuevo centro en Corpus Christi

Source: Telemundo Corpus Christi

February 22, 2023


Corpus Christi cuenta con una nueva clinica de salud en la zona sur para servirlo a usted.El Miércoles, se llevo a cabo la gran apertura del último centro de atención Conviva en Texas.

Senior center in west El Paso gives free turkeys to 50 seniors for Thanksgiving

Source: KFOX14                              

November 21, 2022


Conviva is a physician-led network dedicated to providing primary care to seniors.

Understanding Memory Loss

Source: The San Antonio Observer                          

November 16, 2022


It’s normal to experience occasional lapses in memory. And with age, it’s natural for the processing of information and reactions to stimuli to slow down, complicating efforts to multi-task and learn new things.

Cardiologists Warn You Know This About Heart Disease

Source: Eat This, Not That                            

November 14, 2022


Cardiologists explain five things to know about heart disease. 

Podcast: Renee Buckingham, President of Humana’s Primary Care Organization, a payer-agnostic subsidiary of Humana

Source: Becker's Healthcare                              

November 13, 2022


Humana's Primary Care Organization (PCO) is the nation’s largest senior-focused primary care group – bringing comprehensive, value-based care to seniors across the country.

Humana finds formula for senior-focused care


Source: MedCity News                                

October 20, 2022


Humana has been rolling out a model for primary care centers designed to accommodate the growing number of senior citizens in the U.S. Staffed by integrated care teams, the centers offer a holistic approach that addresses both the medical and social needs of patients.

Practicing the 4 C’s of High-Quality Primary Care with a Value-Based Care Team Model


Source: Medical Economics                            

September 30, 2022


Vivek Garg, M.D., MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Humana’s Primary Care Organization, shares the important elements of high-quality, senior-focused primary care. 

Another health-care option arrives for Corpus Christi senior citizens    


Source: KIII-TV, Corpus Christi, Texas                          

September 28, 2022


A new health clinic has opened, and they are focusing on care for seniors. Conviva Care Centers is a primary health-care organization, and they offer same-day visits, transportation for patients, and a wellness center where seniors find community with other seniors.


Signs You Have Dementia and Don't Even Know It     


Source: Eat This, Not That!                               

September 5, 2022


Dementia is a common condition that affects over 55 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, and it triggers a change in cognitive functions such as memory and thinking. Conviva's Vanessa Lewis, M.D., provides valuable information on the condition. 


Smart Ways to Exercise Safely When You Have High Blood Pressure   


Source: HealthCentral                             

May 31, 2022


Evan Jacobs, M.D., national medical director at Conviva Care Centers in Margate, FL, discusses exercising safely with HBP, and which activities net results.