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Discover Conviva Care Center experts who listen. Working together on personalized care plans with each senior, we’ve seen more than a 30%* decrease in hospital stays and a 20%** reduction in ER visits.

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For more than 50 years, our clinicians have cared for patients. Today, our holistic services meet you where you need them most, from prevention to specialized care.

*Contracted health plan members enrolled in CenterWell or Conviva centers compared against contracted health plan members not enrolled in a CenterWell or Conviva center.


**Contracted health plans during 2021 who were paneled to CenterWell or Conviva-staffed Primary Care for the entire year of 2021, versus contracted health plan members during 2021 that were not paneled to CenterWell or Conviva-staffed primary care for the entire year of 2021, were not in an unattributed arrangement and were assigned to a CenterWell or Conviva market. Based on claims paid through June 2022. UW Margin, ERVPT, & Acute APT also exclude Careplus & delegated. Avoidable hospitalizations also excludes ESRD, Hospice, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, California-HMO, Nevada-HMO, Careplus, COB, & C-SNP



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