About us

Conviva’s physician-led Care Teams are driven by the passionate belief that patient care always comes first.


Every day at Conviva, you’ll find doctors who listen and spend time helping you reach personal health goals. By focusing on preventive care, our patients spend less time in the hospital and more time doing what they love.


With Conviva, you’ll find:


  • A friendly, attentive front office team
  • Physicians who listen and spend time with them
  • Easy access to appointments and follow-up visits
  • Convenient appointment times*


Conviva markets


Conviva’s strong network of 135 centers and providers deliver expert, personalized care to patients 65 and older across Texas and Florida.


Texas: San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christii


Florida: Miami Dade, Daytona, Broward,
Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Treasure Coast, Tampa

Time well spent for better health

Conviva’s innovative, value-based approach means each patient gets the best care, when needed most, and for the lowest cost. Working together on personalized care plans with each senior, we’ve seen more than a 30%** decrease in hospital stays and 20%*** reduction in ER visits. It’s about time you feel confident about the care you receive.

Indian male doctor with black female patient

Personalized senior primary care

While each Conviva Care Center may reflect different community needs, our commitment to personalized care remains constant. Our physicians schedule time to visit and listen to your thoughts and concerns.

Black female doctor with patient in doctors office

Start your journey to aging well by joining Conviva



*Primary Care Research, conducted on behalf of Conviva by Burke, Inc 2020/2021


**Contracted health plan members enrolled in CenterWell or Conviva centers compared against contracted health plan members not enrolled in a CenterWell or Conviva center.


***Contracted health plans during 2021 who were paneled to CenterWell or Conviva-staffed Primary Care for the entire year of 2021, versus contracted health plan members during 2021 that were not paneled to CenterWell or Conviva-staffed primary care for the entire year of 2021, were not in an unattributed arrangement and were assigned to a CenterWell or Conviva market. Based on claims paid through June 2022. UW Margin, ERVPT, & Acute APT also exclude Careplus & delegated. Avoidable hospitalizations also excludes ESRD, Hospice, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, California-HMO, Nevada-HMO, Careplus, COB, & C-SNP



What our patients think matters most

For more than 50 years, we’ve built our reputation by listening to our patients and families. Now, listen to what they’re saying about Conviva.