Home Safety

Your independence relies upon safe living at home, especially preventing falls and maintaining good mobility. Conviva works with seniors and caregivers to create individualized care plans to keep you healthy and safe.

Getting Around

Mobility and balance lessen with age or injury. You can still keep your independence and freedom by making small changes where you live.


Technology has transformed the ways families and seniors stay in touch, from a phone call to live video visits. Likewise, technology exposes seniors to scams, fraud and hackers which can cause emotional and mental stress We encourage families and caregivers to stay informed and protect loved ones from fraud.

Living Alone

Seniors who live alone may experience a decreased quality of life due to prolonged isolation. Conviva offers many ways for you to stay connected, including our social media and community events or a center’s activities.


Loneliness Friendship Line for Seniors


Choose Your Center, Browse the Services

Begin by searching for a Conviva Center close to you. Then, learn about the Care Team and services specific to your location.