How to make new friends when you are older

Anyone, of any age, can make new friends. Finding new friends when older, however, does present a set of challenges unique to seniors.


With retirement comes change. Often, seniors choose to move from lifelong homes and communities to a new area, leaving behind established relationships. 


10 ways to meet new people and make friends

  1. Look close to home for existing social circles. Is there someone you’ve yet to speak to? Someone you’d like to meet? With a friendly greeting, a new friend may be closer than expected.
  2. Join a new Facebook or online group that shares your interest. You can follow their news to find a local event.
  3. Think about your own hobbies and activities. Is there a local club to join?
  4. Enroll in a new class. Whether it’s dancing or a foreign language class, you’ll meet a whole new set of faces.
  5. Need support? Ask your care team or physician about support groups for a current burden like grief or sickness.
  6. Hobbies can lead seniors to like minds and new faces. Ask other friends and family members.
  7. Consider your own mindset. Are you open to new friends and experiences? Does your routine prevent much spare time? 
  8. Travel! Explore a trip that’s specifically for an older age group or retirees.
  9. Be proactive and curious. If a mutual friend talks about a group or an event they enjoy, ask if it’s appropriate to attend a gathering as a guest.
  10. Explore volunteer opportunities. Volunteering with local churches or nonprofits connects seniors to a wider network, and potentially, new friends.



Exercising your creative thinking and curiosity can lead to unexpected places and people. Try a few new tactics to widen your circle, and tomorrow’s new friend may soon become a cherished old friend.

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